Hon’ble Minister Jacob Zhimomi with Mr. Aftab Faridi, cyclist and social activist at Dimapur

Paddling for Soldiers

Mr. Aftab Faridi, cyclist and social activist from Delhi reached Dimapur yesterday making Nagaland as the 13th state after covering 8000km in 77 days. Aftab, 23 years old, is on a mission to cover India which has 30,000 km approximately. The slogan of his trip is “Paddling for Soldiers ,” “it is to bring an awareness of Indian Army Service to the Nation and regain respect for their service at the cost of one’s own life” said Aftab. He said that “it is their (Soldiers) dedication and wilful service in every unsafe corner we could peacefully stay at home but sadly their service is often ignored or goes unnoticed.” On reaching Dimapur, Minister Jacob Zhimomi PHED warmly received Mr. Aftab at his residence and as a thanking gesture prepared refreshment for Mr Aftab.

Zhimomi who has always encouraged sports and humanitarian activities of youth of Nagaland and other parts of country, also said “he was really encouraged and motivated to witness such an honourable and noble gesture towards soldiers especially from a young man,paddling across India spreading the message of peace and love across the states of diverse cultures.” In fact, minister was surprised when he learnt that Mr. Aftab “paddling for soldiers ” is a self-sponsored and without any financial assistance from anyone and which minister termed as a “true nationalist.”